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25, King St. 20170
Melbourne Australia
0011 234 56789
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about us

About Company

welcome to goockle

Goockle is a Montreal based full-service digital marketing and web development company that is specialized in making professional websites. Through our expertise, knowledge, reliability and quality, we successfully serve a broad range of business needs. We provide web design, web hosting, search engine optimization services, real-time analytics, great online presence and much more.

We are passionate and experienced. Every client we work with becomes part of our family. We believe in going above and beyond because providing quality services and value is our top priority.

our story

Founded in 2019 with big dreams and a heart of giving back to the community.

We are 2 ambitious young entrepreneurs brothers trying to revolutionize the world of the web. Our goal is to provide unique website design with value and quality while making it affordable for everyone, ultimately reaching more and more customers and innovating the world of the web. We believe in hardwork and dedication. The future we believe in is a high quality low cost website for local businesses and restaurants.

We are the partner you can depend on us to help you achieve your online growth. Believe, achieve, succeed.

they say we did great job!

Our Customers feedback

Summer Special 2019 - Limited Time Offer

All our sites are unique and aim to show modernity, simplicity and functionality. We know that a lot of companies do not have a big budget to have a website even if it is an indispensable marketing tool in 2019. Thus, we offer the opportunity to have a free professional website.

  • Free professional website of a value of 5000$
  • 50$/Month for Hosting and Maintenance
  • SSL Certificate & Search Engine Optimisation Rankings
  • Customer Support
  • No hidden fees

What is the summer special?

The package consists of a free professional website. You might think: how do you survive/make money? This model is with the belief that partners will stay with us on the long term and we will have built a strong relationship. We are charging 50$ per month for hosting, maintenace and all the rest. It is highly suggested for small businesses, restaurants and start ups that doesn't have the capital. It is a package of 3-5 pages, fully optimized with responsive design. SEO will also be applied and security will be top notch to protect your information for you and your customers.